Frequently Asked Questions

Our team are adding hundreds of products and services to be found each day. There is a possibility that the product or service has not been added yet, or it simply doesn’t yet exist on the island. However, we are so committed to having EVERYTHING on the list, that we encourage you to let us know what you were looking for and we will conduct our own investigation. is the first web-based app ever engineered to fit the needs of an island like Curaçao. Thanks to its custom user generated database, it allows for anyone to search for the location of any product or service available on the island

If it exists on Curaçao, the Finder will find it.

Download the app to get instant notifications from ONLY the businesses you are interested in or any of the 466 categories you may choose from.

CuraFinder keeps you informed on the latest info and exclusive deals on ONLY what YOU care about. Nothing else.

Just Boops! the merchant’s profile or add any category to your favorites.

Did we mention that most of those deals are EXCLUSIVE to CuraFinder members? If you haven’t already joined, do so now. It’s FREE! Join here

Some would ask, “what is the difference between curaFinder and any other Online directory?” 


Other directories allow you to search for companies and/or the categories or sub-categories they belong in. curaFinder allows you to search for specific retail products & services available on the island. 


This is thanks to our state-of-the-art database system which gets smarter every time local merchants upload their inventory to their business profile. allows you to power search for specific products & services that would never show up on regular directories.

But there's more! With your Free membership, you will be the first to know about EXCLUSIVE deals from your favorite merchants or areas of interest that YOU choose. curaFinder gives you the option to receive instant alerts on deals/bargains/vacancies/announcements posted by any of  local merchants YOU select, right on your mobile phone! Just Boops! their profile to add them to your favorites.

HOT FINDS  Last but not least, when you register, you’ll receive push notifications for ridiculous bargains our HOT FINDS task force were able to negotiate exclusively for our members!

The way business runs in Curaçao is not the same as the rest of the world. We therefore built a tool that caters to local entrepreneurs in order to maximize exposure at a minimum cost

Thanks to our state-of-the-art database system, you can now upload your whole inventory to your curaFinder business profile, so that all your products and/or services are searchable both on curaFinder or Google. For the first time ever, offers local entrepreneurs a new way to expand their market reach to anyone in Curaçao searching for a product they carry, as well as anyone in neighboring islands and the world that use curaFinder for efficient shopping in Curaçao.

How? By making it easier for the local market to find anything they are looking for on the island, from anywhere, and at anytime, as long as they are Online. is leveling the playing field! Now with our highly monitored “Customer Review” feature, any business, small or large, can be the top ranked result in a keyword search, just by excelling in their customer care, pricing, value and quality of service. Think of it as a “TripAdvisor” for day-to-day local businesses.

YES. In fact, if our research team hasn’t already included you in our database, listing your business is FREE. However, a Free account is mostly beneficial for use as a consumer. It allows for users to receive deal/bargain notifications from their favorite merchants. 

For businesses, you will need to open a Free personal account. Once you login, click on the “+Add a business profile” button on the top left corner of your page. 

You’ll will have to upgrade to curaBasic or curaPro to enjoy all the benefits curaFinder has to offer for as little as $8.95/month* + 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL

curaFinder is considerably-priced so that it is an affordable investment for all businesses, including independent start-ups. Reason being that it is in our advantage for EVERYONE to be on the list in order for this tool to be as powerful as it can possibly be. 

Having a website is essential, but it is important to know that your website is just floating in Cyberspace if you did not invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is required in order for website to appear in the first page of online search results. Without it, you’re invisible! SEO services can prove to be quite costly. But thanks to your curaFinder webpage, we do the SEO for you automatically. We narrow the search results down to only businesses that exist in Curaçao, which makes it much easier for you to appear at the top.

You can now be found by those that don't yet know you exist or know that you carry the products and services that they are looking for. You are also free to include your website address on your curaFinder profile.

Another drawback to conventional websites, is that owners often complain of not being able to make updates when they want. They often depend on web designers that are either too busy or have disappeared all together! With curaFinder, you are in full control of your profile page and can use our user-friendly interface to make as many updates as you wish.

You will need to open a Free personal account. Once you login, click on the “+Add a business profile” button on the top left corner of your page. 


You’ll will have to upgrade to curaBasic or curaPro to enjoy all the benefits curaFinder has to offer for as little as $8.95/month* + 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL

Absolutely. Just a “curaBasic” membership, priced reasonably at $8.95/month, will provide you with a profile page that contains all the necessary information needed for the consumer to make an informed decision. Hence, making the need for a full website close to redundant.

This includes:

a) Logo (If you don’t have one, our design team can provide one at an affordable fee)

b) Company description with your list of services or products.

c) Contact info

d) Picture gallery

e) Google Map Locater, so you can pin point your exact location. (Because, who uses addresses to find anything in Curaçao anyway? :)

f) Video

g) Promotional Banner space for your ads, announcement, job vacancies, etc...

h) Download links (for menus, application forms, brochure, etc...)

i) Customer Reviews section (Testimonials)

j) Upload unlimited keyword/tags that are associated to your business. You can upload your whole entire inventory to your profile! Which means you'll show up as an option for anyone that makes a search for any one of those items.

k) Our content management service desk is available to assist you in making sure your profile page is complete and looking great. This profile page is user-friendly and you are free to update it anytime, and however many times you choose, FREE of charge!

Gone are the days of chasing after your web designer for updating your info. Important note: Consumer behavior has changed. For most businesses, consumers are no longer impressed by beautiful websites. They just want the information they are seeking, what others think about it and where/how to get it. Your curaFinder profile will provide exactly that in just one page.