Become An Agent

Being a approved Certified Agent allows you to earn income very easily from the comfort of your home or your existing business. This opportunity is best suited for anyone working in Graphic design, web design, social media, printers and any industry that offers branding and/or marketing services to local businesses.

What you earn:

- $25 for each new curaBasic package subscription

- $15 for each new curaPro package subscription

- Listing setup fees can be charged at agent's descretion. curaFinder charges $65 for a basic setup (Integration of logo, pictures/videos, "About us" text, map, contact info, minimal photoshop if required). Basic setup does not include tags (Keywords) management.

What you get from us:

- 2 Personal Promo codes which will offer your customers $10 OFF the CuraPro package monthly fee and $5 off the CuraBasic package.

- 1 Free CuraPro package for your business (As long as you maintain a minimum of 1 new subscription per month)

- 1 personal "CuraFinder Authorized Agent" logo with promo code to be used on all your communications.

- 1 Sales sheet with all the benefits of having a CuraFinder listing to facilitate your sales pitch

How you earn:

- Utilize your existing client base/ Business relations and inform them of the essential necessity of having a curafinder listing for their business.

- Maintain contact with your customers at least once a month to make them active on their page by posting new promotions, new photos, etc... This inderectly helps you to sign up more subscribers, because the more the site is active, the more it is popular....and the easier it is to book new subscribers. 

- Use your social media outlets to promote by using your agent code (Provided to you once you are approved).